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7 Dads Who Took the Internet by Storm

Learn More About These Dads That Went Viral

Dads will be dads. Every dad has a different way of teaching lessons, managing fatherhood and showing affection. However, these seven dads took fatherhood to a whole new level.

1. Dad’s BBC interview interrupted by kids and wife

During a BBC video interview, Professor Robert Kelly got a surprise he was not hoping for. His daughter strutted into the room followed by his baby son in a stroller. As if things weren’t crazy enough, his wife rushed in and desperately pulled their kids away from the room. This has to be the most entertaining interview people have ever witnessed. Safe to say, you will be watching the video over and over.

2. Dad wore his shortest shorts to teach daughter a lesson

How many times did your father send you back to your room to change? Well, Scott Mackintosh decided to take it a little further by cutting a pair of his jeans as short as possible to teach his teenage daughter a lesson. The family went to dinner and miniature golf with dad wearing these shorts, while his daughter was mortified. He mentioned “I hope that young women everywhere understand their great worth.”

3. Dad calls out his son’s bad grades at a basketball game

None of us are envious of poor Thomas. His dad showed up at a basketball game holding a large sign that read “Thomas get your grades back up and next time you’ll be here Love, Dad.”  There were mixed reviews about the way dad handled his son’s bad grades, but in any case we hope Thomas was able to score higher grades (and attend a game).

4. Dad invites the whole world to his daughter’s Quinceañera

A dad’s invitation to his daughter’s Quinceañera may have gotten a little out of hand when it was posted on a photographer’s Facebook page. The video encouraged the community to come celebrate his daughter with drinks, dancing and food. 20,000 were in attendance and airlines even gave a special “Rubi’s Quinceañera” 30% off discount.  

5. Dad photoshops daughter in dangerous situations

A Dublin-based designer and dad Stephen Crowley photoshopped his daughter in scenes like too close to cliffs, climbing up dangerous stairs, driving a car, playing with knives and many other terrifying situations for a child. He did this because his daughter Hannah was in the hospital for a year while waiting for a bone marrow transplant and wanted to teach people the importance of donating.

6. Dad teaches other dads to do hair

Phil Morgese is a single dad who faced the daily dilemma of how to do his daughter’s hair. After much trial and error, he went on to learn how to beautifully braid and style and decided that dads around the world would benefit from what he learned as well. He started Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, a bi-weekly class in South Dakota. He is now teaching in 13 other states!  

7. Dad dresses up in different embarrassing costume every day

For some, the thought of their parents taking them to school is embarrassing. But, that didn’t stop Dale Price from doing the unthinkable every day. He dressed up in a different costume ranging from a pirate and bride to a mermaid and mariachi every day for 170 days and waved goodbye to his son getting on the bus. His response was simply “it’s a father’s way of saying I love you.”

Cheers to Dads

There’s no stopping dads when they want to get their points across. No matter what they did or how much they embarrassed you growing up, dads always manage to make everything all better in the end. So toast them with a thank you treat, like our meat & cheese gift baskets and let them know you appreciate them no matter what.  

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