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How to Store Strawberries For Up To Two Weeks

Vinegar Bath, fresh for up to 2 weeks

One of the great things about vinegar is that it destroys harmful bacteria so bathing your strawberries in it will keep them fresh longer. And don’t worry about your berries tasting like vinegar. You’ll be washing it off. Bathing your strawberries in vinegar only takes five easy steps, and can help the berries last much longer. The good news is that this method works for any type of berry.

Step 1: Fill a measuring cup with 1/4 cup vinegar and 1 1/2 cup of water. You may need more vinegar/water depending on how many strawberries you are planning to soak.
Step 2: Place the water/vinegar solution into a bowl or glass container. Let the berries soak for about five minutes.
Step 3: Place berries in a colander and rinse with water.
Step 4:  Place the strawberries on a paper towel and let them dry.
Step 5: Line the container you plan to use for storage with a paper towel and place the strawberries inside. Make sure they are all dry.

Step 6: Cover the lid and label it with the date. Your strawberries should last up to two weeks.

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Cut Stems + Airtight Container, fresh for up to 1 week

Cutting the stems off a strawberry and placing them in a container is the most common way to store strawberries. For this method, you don’t need to wash the berries until you’re ready to use them. The only thing you’ll need is a paper towel and an airtight container. This method will keep your berries fresh for about a week. If you need ideas on what to do with your strawberries, check out this fruit and chocolate pairing guide.

Step 1: Cut the stems off the strawberries. For this method, you don’t need to wash them first.
Step 2: Line an airtight container with a paper towel and place the strawberries inside. Make sure they’re spread out.
Step 3: Cover the container and label.
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Original Packaging + Countertop, fresh for 2 days

If you want to use your strawberries right away, leave them in their original packaging and place them on the countertop. Then wash them right before you plan to use them. These strawberries should stay fresh for about two days. Always make sure to remove the moldy ones to prevent the others from molding as well.

Step 1: Place your strawberries on the counter in its original packaging. They can be stored for up to two days. Make sure you wash them before you use them.

Freezing Your Strawberries

Whole Strawberries + Freezer Bag, lasts up to 2 months

So you want to freeze your strawberries for smoothies. Here’s a simple way to do that in two easy steps!

Step 1: Cut the strawberry stems.
Step 2: Place the strawberries in freezer bag.

Halved Strawberries + Sugar, lasts 8-12 months

This method is perfect for strawberries that you plan to use in a dessert or for a sweet treat on their own. You can use as little or as much sugar as you want. Make sure to taste one of the strawberries before freezing so that you know it’s the right sweetness. You don’t want to end up with overly sweet strawberries that you can’t eat. Our suggestion is to mix 1/4 cup of sugar for every 10 ounces of berries.

Step 1: Gather some sugar, an airtight container and your strawberries.
Step 2: Rinse your strawberries in a pot.
Step 3: Cut your strawberries in half and the remove stems.
Step 4: Put the strawberries back in the pot or bowl and pour your sugar in.
Step 5: Gently stir the strawberries until the sugar melts. The mixture should be thick but not mushy.
Step 6: Dump any excess water.
Step 7: Pour the strawberries in a freezer safe container and store. Your berries should last up to 12 months.

Now that you know how to keep strawberries fresh, try making a fruity smoothie, or better yet, a strawberry tart. If you ate all the strawberries that you meant to use for a dinner party dessert, no need to worry! ! Send them some goodies from our enchanting best selling gifts. We guarantee this will make them smile..  We guarantee this will make them smile.


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