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Send Wedding Gifts for Delivery

Wedding gifting is made easy with our decorated wedding strawberries arriving “dressed” in suits and gowns, making them the perfect choice for engagement gifts, anniversary gifts, and wedding gifts. These unique berries can be presented as a wedding gift for couples or as a thank you gift.

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Wedding Gifts

Delicious and decorated wedding strawberries add a creative touch to any wedding, bridal shower or anniversary party. They’re wonderful, whimsical wedding gifts for couples, and equally appealing as thank you gifts for the wedding party. Send thoughtful wedding gifts online from Shari’s Berries. Brides and grooms will appreciate gourmet wedding gifts of hand-dipped berries. What makes the wedding strawberries so special; their flavor, of course. Each of our juicy strawberries is hand-dipped in the highest quality chocolate and they dressed to impress. Discover all the ways that you can present wedding berries, and get some new wedding congratulations gift ideas.

Tuxedo strawberries and blushing bride strawberries are the perfect wedding present for so many reasons. In fact, they’re almost too pretty to eat. After one taste, though, they won’t be thinking about anything except another bite. Elegant boxes of delicious wedding strawberries make a flavorful and upscale addition to every stylish wedding party. And congratulations gifts of hand-dipped strawberries are perfect for celebrating such an important and memorable day as this.

These delectable strawberries aren’t only for wedding gifts – they also make impressive appetizers and party favors. Another creative option is our wedding cake pops. Guests will want to sneak some home anyway, so consider giving them strawberry brides and grooms as their wedding favors or fancy engagement gifts. Give scrumptious wedding berries the starring role as a beautiful stand-in for the wedding cake. Choose tuxedo strawberries and blushing bride strawberries as a fun and modern take on the traditional wedding cake topper. Send the bride and groom anniversary gifts of gourmet berries to inspire memories of their big day.

The wedding strawberries and tuxedo strawberries are perfectly suited for every part of the celebration, from the bridal shower to the bachelor party. You just can’t go wrong with gifts of wedding berries.

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