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DIY: 6 Father’s Day Tie Hacks

“Another tie … (sigh)” is definitely not what Dad will say. Not if you follow our DIY Father’s Day tie hacks and take the classic Father’s Day gift to a whole new level. In fact, if you sneak in his room (or have Mom do it) and dig up all those Christmas, anniversary etc. gift ties he never wears and up-cycle them into something far cooler—like a guitar strap or coffee cozy—he’ll surely applaud your creativity and thank you for his one-of-a-kind Father’s Day surprise.

For Photographer Dad: Camera Strap 

Father's Day Tie DIY Upcycle Camera Strap

Take an old camera strap and give it a makeover with material from one of Dad’s old ties (or create a patchwork look with by sewing together strips of material from several ties).

For Sentimental Dad: Mini Photo Albums 

His wedding. Your first haircut. Capture Dad’s favorite memories, in mini-album form with Lil’ Blue Boo’s cute and clever tie DIY.

For Fashion-Forward Dad: Cuff Bracelet 

The accessory every stylish dad needs: a necktie cuff bracelet accented by a gentlemanly button. We love the Live Creatively Inspired blog’s fast and fun how-to.

For (Wannabe) Rock Star Dad: Guitar Strap 

Now Dad can really rock out, thanks to this handmade vintage (that’s how we’d spin it) guitar strap. RePlayGround’s blog shows you how it’s done (it even includes a picture illustrating exactly how cool Dad will look with his new strap).

For Brew-Loving Dad: Beer Cozy 

Father's Day Tie DIY: Beer Holder Koozie

Make sure Dad’s beer is always ice cold with these simple recycled beer cozies.

  1. Wrap crafting foam around a bottle or can to determine the right size and shape.
  2. Sew the foam together at the seams so the shape holds.
  3. Remove the lining from the tie and slip the wide end of a tie over the foam until it’s completely covered.
  4. Cut the tie leaving a few inches of extra material on the top and bottom of the foam.
  5. Fold the top material over the foam and sew it to the inside of the foam.
  6. Finish by using the extra material on the bottom to sew the cozy closed.

If your dad’s not much of a beer drinker, try this coffee cozy tutorial from Lime & Aqua Studio. 

For Tech-Savvy Dad: Phone/iPod Case

Another thing Dad will never lose sight of again (or Mom if you make her one too): his cell phone, or iPod. Bespangled has a great guide.

Tie One On

You know what we mean. Get cracking and up-cycle Dad’s ties into an amazing Father’s Day gift. Or hit the thrift store for materials. Either way, show and tell us what you made—especially if you came up with an new tie hack of your own.

And, if you’re looking for more unique Father’s Day gifts delivered, check out our famous Father’s Day chocolate covered strawberries.

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