DIY: Fun Father’s Day Cards for Dad

Shari's BerriesMay 15, 2018

Funny Father's Day Cards For Dad - Thanks for Being a Fungi

Pun Father's Day Cards For Dad - I Love You, Pop


DIY Cards For Dad - Have a Fan-Stache-Tic Father's Day

Cute Homemade Father's Day Cards For Dad - My Hero

Silly Father's Day Cards For Dad - I Love You Because You're Extra Cheesy

Make Dad’s Card

Create any of the Father’s Day cards above with our printable cut-out templates. Just print, layer together and glue to a blank card (available at paper and craft stores). Use our punny messages or invent your own.

More Father’s Day Treats

Rather treat Dad with something chocolate-covered and delicious? Surprise him with an amazing gift from our Father’s Day collection.

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