Engagement parties. Bachelorette bashes. Bridal showers. And then ... the big day. Wedding season is upon us, and with it, a host of celebrations, and questions. Do I need a gift for the bridal shower and the wedding? How much should I spend? What gift should I give for an engagement party? What if the couple says no gifts? Of course now that we reminded you, you're probably trying to think up an excuse to skip the celebrations, or excuses, 'cause you'll need three or four. But, never fear, our wedding guide is here! It has all the answers and tips you need to sail through the season like a gifting pro.

Wedding Gift Guide and Etiquette


Here Comes More Gift Ideas

Just because the couple prefers cash, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative, and crafty, with these unique DIY money gifts. And if you just want to surprise them with something sweet and simple, our wedding strawberries and dipped treats will make their day unforgettable.