Now that you're the Easter Bunny, you can DIY an awesome Easter basket that puts those drugstore baskets you got as a child to shame. A gift kids will enjoy for more than the five minutes it takes for them to cycle through their jelly bean rush and hop a few laps around the living room. Your basket will include a strawberry seedling and tools for planting, giving them months of gardening fun. Especially since it's not even a basket, but rather a stylish metal garden tub they can use for years. They'll think of you every time they tend to the plant or harvest its sweet, fresh berries. And, of course, they'll still get a few Easter treats ...

What you’ll need

1 gardening container (for the basket)
brick of floral foam
1 bag of paper Easter grass
1 small strawberry plant (or seed packet)
chalkboard sign
flower lollipops
2 pink/red plastic Easter eggs
2 1-inch circles of green paper
1 black permanent marker
Jelly beans
Shari’s Berries Easter brownie pops
Children’s gardening tools

DIY: Strawberry Garden Easter Basket

Step 1

Since the theme is berry patch, we used a metal garden tub. But you can get creative and use any garden container you like. Try a wooden bucket, watering can, terracotta pot or a garden hod. After you’ve chosen your container, line the bottom with floral foam.

DIY: Strawberry Garden Easter Basket

Step 2

Cover the floral foam with a layer of green paper Easter grass.

DIY: Strawberry Garden Easter Basket

Step 3

Add a live strawberry plant to your garden. If live plants aren’t available, use a packet of strawberry seeds. Personalize the basket by adding a name on a mini chalkboard sign. You can also use this as a gift tag for the basket, or have fun with it and write “The Easter Bunny was here” or  “Hoppy Easter”.

DIY: Strawberry Garden Easter Basket

Step 4

Insert flower lollipops down into the floral foam so they stay upright.

DIY: Strawberry Garden Easter Basket

Step 5

Add Shari’s Berries brownie pops or another cute and fudgy treat.

DIY: Strawberry Garden Easter Basket

Step 6

Make plastic strawberries by drawing seeds on pink or red plastic Easter eggs with a permanent marker. Scallop the edges of a 1-inch circle of green paper and attach it to the plastic egg with twine. Fill the strawberries with jelly beans or other strawberry-flavored treats.

DIY: Strawberry Garden Easter Basket

Step 7

Finish it off by adding some children’s gardening tools to the bucket so they can tend their new strawberry garden.

DIY: Strawberry Garden Easter Basket

A hoppy ending?

Okay we promise, no more Easter puns (until next year). But seriously, let us know how your DIY turned out. Or better yet, show us. Post a pic to Facebook or Instagram and tag it @SharisBerries.