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    DIY: Fun Father’s Day Cards for Dad

    berriespreview May 10, 2021

    Our crafty ode to Dad’s terrible (but hilarious) jokes.

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  • SB Strawberries Storage Thumbnail 350x240

    How to Store Strawberries For Up To Two Weeks

    berriespreview March 25, 2021

    Now this is fresh … check out our strawberry storage tips.

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  • Easter cookies for your celebration thumbnail

    18 Easter Cookie Recipes For Your Celebration

    siegemedia March 14, 2020

    Easter cookies are the perfect treat for springtime. We’ve collected our favorite Easter cookie recipes with simple and elegant, classic and innovative designs! Play up the pastels, and create adorable animal-themed treats that the kids will love. 1. Bunny Butt Cookies These cookies by If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen are too adorable. We like the new perspective as an alternative to the more common bunny face cookies. Kids…

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  • SB Spooky Thumbnail 350x240 V2

    12 Easy and Spooktacular Halloween Desserts

    siegemedia October 23, 2019

    At Shari’s Berries, we’ll always take the treat. Check out these 12 super spooky Halloween desserts.

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    40 Thoughtful Self-Reflection Questions + Printable Prompts

    siegemedia December 3, 2018

    The end of the year is a time spent with family and friends, enjoying holiday festivities. It’s also a great time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and experienced over the last 12 months. After all, self-reflection has been found to enhance focus, decrease stress and even improve physical health. Introspection is a wonderful technique that provides a sense of peace and helps you uncover deeper meanings behind your everyday…

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    How to Make an Explosion Box for Any Occasion

    siegemedia September 17, 2018

    If you’re interested in taking your next greeting card over the top, an explosion box is a hidden gem you didn’t know you were missing out on. You might be thinking to yourself, “what’s an explosion box anyways?” Well you’re in the right place, we’re answering that question and a whole lot more with our tutorial for how to make an explosion box. Even if you’ve made an explosion box…

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  • Dessert Box Printables 7

    10 Printable Dessert Boxes for Your Favorite Treats

    siegemedia September 5, 2018

    Getting ready to plan your next celebration? Don’t forget the sweet treats! This time forgo the large decorative cake. Custom cupcakes, donuts and cookies are all the rage right now, so it’s time to try your hand at creating some smaller treats for your guests to enjoy. Of course, presentation is everything, so how you package your desserts is just as important as the spread during the party. Use these…

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  • ConeWrapper thumbnail

    DIY Ice Cream Cone Wrappers for a Sweet Summer

    siegemedia June 11, 2018

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for…you guessed it, ice cream! Since the weather is warming up, there’s no better way to celebrate the turn of the season than with an ice cream cone (or two)! This sweet treat is perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth and an even better way to cool off that summertime heat. Whether fruity or decadent, in a cone or piled high with toppings,…

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  • Donut wall thumb

    Donut Wall DIY and Styling Inspiration

    admin May 20, 2018

    Donuts at a wedding? We can’t think of anything sweeter! We’ve put together a simple, donut wall DIY that you can complete in less than two hours.

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