April Fools' Day prank with a young Man in a clown costume at a meeting in an office.

April Fools’ Day: A Dozen Nice Pranks

We love a good April Fools’ prank, but not the kind that leaves your sister with a head full of maple syrup instead of shampoo and makes her late for work. So we’ve decided to change up the holiday with a list of jokes and gags that are both funny and nice — especially since the punch line is a thoughtful treat.

The trick: Leave a “voice activated” sign by the fancy new coffee machine at work.

The treat: After you’ve had enough fun watching them try to command a latte, swoop in and hand them the latte you specially brewed for them. Or offer to take them out for coffee at a local café. We’re sure they’ll welcome a break from the office kitchen’s tiny plastic chairs and beige walls.

The trick: Cover their bedroom door, their car, or their desk at work with multicolored sticky notes.

The treat: Depending on who you’re pranking, write short and sweet love notes or kind thoughts on every note.

The trick: Instead of sticky notes, get a little more creative — and silly — and use kitten or puppy pictures or photos of their favorite celebs.

The treat: We know what you’re thinking, “Who needs a treat when you have a desk crawling with kittens?” However, we’d still leave them a sweet treat like a cookie, cake pop, or chocolate-covered strawberry.

The trick: Stick googly eyes on the milk, apples, and all the other food in the fridge.

The treat: You don’t want them to think it’s a not-so-subtle commentary on their eating habits (i.e. you’re not suggesting they go on a diet). So leave a surprise on one of the shelves like a box of truffles.

Little children sticking KICK ME stickers to their father's back at home. April Fool's Day prank

The trick: Make brownies, then cut around a paper letter to create “E” shapes.

The treat: Leave them a note that says “Hope you enjoy these brown E’s”. And they will, because as we all know, brownies are delicious.

The trick: Adjust all the clocks in the house so they’re a few hours ahead, making everyone get up an hour or so earlier than normal.

The treat: Once they’ve realized what happened (and they’re still speaking to you), take them out to breakfast.

The trick: Post a sign on your neighbor’s front door that says “You’ve been egged.”

The treat: Leave a basket of chocolate Easter eggs on their front steps with an April Fools’ note.

The trick: It looks like a can of peanuts or jelly beans or candy, but when they unscrew the lid… out jumps the snake! It’s one of the oldest gags around.

The treat: Before you trick them, remove the snake from the can and stash a small gift or treat in the bottom — earrings, movie tickets, their favorite candy bar, etc. Then stuff it all back inside until you’re ready to prank them.

The trick: When they’re not looking, change the language settings on their iPhone to French or Spanish.

The treat: After they’ve identified you as the saboteur, take them out to dinner at a local French bistro or the Spanish tapas restaurant they’ve been dying to try.

Little children painting their father's face while he sleeping on couch at home. April fool's day prank

The trick: Tape a giant sign on the wall that exclaims “April Fools Suckers!”

The treat: Tape lollipops to the wall around the sign.

The trick: We have to thank the sitcom The Office for this classic. Swipe a coworker’s stapler, take it home and embed it in a Jell-O mold. The next day, come in early and place it back on their desk with an April Fools’ Day note.

The treat: After you’ve admitted your guilt, take them to lunch or giftwrap some chocolates or their favorite afternoon snack and give it to them.

The trick: At home or the office, fill their the kitchen silverware drawer or desk drawer with small candies.

The treat: It’s candy. Enough said.

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