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How to Create An Alphabet of Our Love Book for Valentine’s Day

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be hard, but sometimes it’s even harder to find a card to complement it. You likely have so many things you want to say, but no card that says it all.

Using these alphabet of our love cards, you can tell your sweetheart or kiddos all the different ways you love them—from A to Z. With each letter you can call out something unique and special about your loved one. Plus, you’ll be giving them not just one card to go with your gift, but 26!

Instructions for Alphabet of Our Love

  1. First, download the alphabet cards using the button below. You’ll be using the same template whether you’re giving these cards to your partner or your kids.
  2. Print out the cards on either hard cardstock or regular paper.
  3. Write out one reason you love your partner or kid for each letter of the alphabet on each card. For example, for the letter “A,” you could write “Always ready to help me out” or “Advocate for family time.”
  4. Once you have finished writing the alphabet of love, laminate the cards. If you chose to print on cardstock you may skip this step.
  5. Bind your cards together using a binder clip or ribbon. You can do this by hole-punching a hole in the left corner of the cards and then looping a ribbon or clip through the holes so it flips like a book.
  6. Give your sweetie their alphabet of our love book!

Alphabet of Our Love


The alphabet of our love book can be given on many occasions, be it an anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day. If you’re giving one to your significant other, you can focus on traits that make them special and how they complement you as a partner. You can also list romantic memories or other intimate moments you’ve shared to mix things up!

For your children, be sure to recognize achievements and things they do as well as traits that make them special. If they’ve worked hard in school or did chores without being asked, be sure to call that out. They’ll feel appreciated and proud!

Tips for your alphabet

  • Make your letters personal and specific.
  • Write a rough draft of your alphabet beforehand. You’ll feel less pressure if you brainstorm and take extra time to get the best ideas on paper before marking them permanently.
  • Use a black or blue pen to write out your alphabet, or use colorful pens for children. If you are worried about your handwriting, you can always write your alphabet  in pencil first and then trace over it, erasing the pencil marks afterwards.
  • For difficult letters like “Q” and “X” use words with these letters in the middle of them, such as “excitable” or “eloquent.” Or, incorporate the letter into a phrase, such as “quick to help out.”
  • If you have trouble with other letters, think about specific events or occasions you can call out. Not every letter has to be a trait, and the more original your letters are the more meaningful your alphabet will be.

Ideas for your alphabet

For kids

  • A is for Artistic. I love when you give me a new piece of your art. Each time you get better and better!
  • D is for Devotion. You never give up on a task or project, even when it gets hard.
  • G is for Grocery shopping buddy. I love having your help at the grocery store. I couldn’t do it without you.
  • H is for Helpfulness around the house. I never have to ask you twice to clean your room or feed the dogs. You make being a parent easy!
  • M is for Muffin expert. I always know when my muffins taste delicious because of you! Thanks for being the best taste tester.

For significant others

  • D is for Dancer. Your great dance moves make up for my lack thereof. And when we hit the dance floor together, you’re always patient with me learning the steps!
  • L is for Listener. You always listen to what other people have to say and never talk over other people.
  • N is for Nerd. I love that we can watch nerdy movies together and talk about them for hours afterwards. It makes watching them even more special!
  • Q is for Quick to offer help. When I’m stressed from work, you’re there offering to pick up tasks on my to-do list.
  • Z is for Zero grudges. Even when I’m stubborn or holding onto things, you’re always the first one to let go and smile. I wish I did more of that!

You don’t need an occasion to give your loved one the alphabet of our love cards. It makes a great “just because” gift to surprise them with after a long week, especially when gifted with a box of dipped strawberries or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


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