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DIY: Printable Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

Shari's BerriesJanuary 14, 2022
DIY: Printable Valentine's Gift Tags

Get started by clicking the link below to print out the tags:

Printable Valentine’s Day Tags

DIY: Printable Valentine's Gift Tags

Pink. Red. We covered all the colors of love and left a spot for your special message. Keep it classic: Happy Valentine’s Day. Or show off your creative side and draw a heart. Better yet, get a little corny with a favorite movie or song quote like “you complete me”.

DIY: Printable Valentine's Gift Tags

Next, cut out the tag and glue it to your Valentine’s Day gift or treat.

DIY: Printable Valentine's Gift Tags

These tags are so easy they’re a great project for kids who are giving Valentine’s Day surprises to friends or bringing gifts to a school party.

DIY: Printable Valentine's Gift Tags

And don’t worry if you’re too busy to buy or bake something sweet for all your valentines. We have plenty of delicious gifts, like our conversation heart brownie pops and heart-shaped caramel and chocolate marshmallow pops. We’ll deliver your Valentine’s Day gift right to their door.

DIY: Printable Valentine's Gift Tags

True Loves?

So what did you think of our printables? Were they a perfect match for your Valentine’s Day gift? Do you have another gift tag idea you love more? Let us know in the comments.

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