7.30 Summer Scoop Wrap Up Social 04

Our Summer Scoop Gallery

Week 1

We celebrated the first week of summer …

Summer Scoop Images

… and becoming a nurse with our friend Carolyn H.

Summer Scoop

Week 2

Summer Scoop

We celebrated a great summer catch …

… and fun with family and friends with Kimberlee G.

Summer Scoop

Week 3

We celebrated the smell of a campfire …

Summer Scoop

… and starry skies and nature with Donald F.

Summer Scoop

Week 4

We celebrated stargazing …

Summer Scoop

… and a summer toast with Holly M.

Summer Scoop

Week 5

We celebrated catching some rays …

Summer Scoop

… and sunny beach days with Rosita R.

Summer Scoop

Week 6

We decided to keep the fun going all year long …

Summer Scoop

… and celebrated a girlfriend’s getaway, and a year of berries, with Julie C.

Summer Scoop

What’s Your Summer Scoop?

What are you celebrating this summer? We’d love to know! Share in the comments, or post your favorite summer pics to instagram and tag them @sharisberries.

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