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How to Cut an Orange in 3 Easy Steps (Video)

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Orange

All oranges are not created equal! Here are some handy hints for picking the best one.

  • The orange should feel heavy for its size
  • It should have smooth skin
  • It should be firm when you squeeze it
  • Remember, the color of the orange does not necessarily indicate ripeness

Depending on the type of orange, this vibrant fruit can be at peak in both spring and winter. Once brought home from the store, oranges can sit at room temperature for about a week. Refrigerate them once you slice them.

How to Cut an Orange

Method 1: Wedges

This classic method is perfect for lunch boxes!

  1. Place the orange on a cutting board. Slice vertically down the center of the orange.
  2. You should now have two orange halves. Place them flat side down on the cutting board.
  3. Make two slices vertically down the orange half.

Method 2: Accordion Style

Perfect for snacking, this method takes advantage of the orange’s natural segmentation.

  1. Lay the orange on your cutting board. Slice off both ends of the orange.
  2. Place the orange skin side down on the cutting board. Carefully slice through the center, stopping before you reach the bottom layer of skin.  
  3. Peel apart the orange at the cut, then use your hands to remove each segment from the skin.

Now that you know how to slice a fresh orange, try this recipe for a blood orange parfait from Food + Style. Craving a fruit that’s a little more tropical? Check out our tutorial for how to cut a pineapple, kiwi or mango.

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