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The Best Beach Foods and How to Pack Them

Food for the Beach

No one likes to taste grains of sand when you’re trying to enjoy your day at the beach. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best beach food you need to bring and a few handy tricks you should remember to keep your tummy satisfied and the sand out.

How to Keep Beach Food Fresh and Sand-Free

beach food packing tips

Now that you know how to properly pack your food and keep the sand out, take a look at these beach food ideas to so you can pick the best food for your next trip!

Savory Beach Foods

Savory food is a must if you want to keep everyone full and ready to take on the waves. Wraps, fried chicken and other easy-to-make handheld dishes are your perfect go-to snacks to keep everyone fed, especially if you don’t have a foldable table or a flat area to eat!

Sandwiches are a beach staple. We suggest putting dry lettuce between each slice of bread to help prevent a soggy sandwich. The lettuce will keep the juices from your meat, vegetables and other ingredients away from your bread. If you have the time, pack wet ingredients like sliced tomatoes in a separate bag and add it to your sandwich when you’re ready to eat.

savory beach food

Savory Beach Food Recipes:

Portable Beach Foods

Get creative with your dishes by creating portable options! Skewers are a popular beach snack since you can easily customize them with any sweet or savory ingredient your heart desires. Grilled fruit makes ideal pairings for the BBQ enthusiasts who love to cook on the beach. Skewered fruit is also a better option than fresh cut fruit which can make your hands sticky. Skewers overall are also much easier to hold and walk around with than a plate full of food.

Mason jars and other containers are helpful if you’re still craving a heartier meal like pasta or salad that requires lots of loose ingredients. Make sure to pick a container that seals tightly so it doesn’t spill on the way to the beach!

portable beach food

Portable Beach Food Recipes:

Sweet Beach Food

A meal isn’t complete without a little dessert! Classic and simple desserts like cookies and trail mix are easy to grab and aren’t too messy. Dry foods are best for the beach since it’s less likely to attract sand and get your hands sticky. Trail mix treats like chocolate chips, almonds and candy are good dry treats if you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth. Dried fruit is another delicious option if you’re looking for more tangy flavors to top off your meal.

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Sweet Beach Food Recipes:

Now you can focus on soaking up the sun and keeping your mind off of your food prep. Before you head out, make sure you packed the best desserts to finish your meal and end your day on a sweet note!

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