The summer is usually the best time for your children. Vacations, fireworks, sprinklers, cartoons and no school. This can be wonderful for you as a parent as well because it means you get to spend more time with them. However, it can also mean cries of "I'm bored" and them saying, "Wait, I'm not that bored" when you suggest they clean their room or sweep the kitchen floor. But they won't be bored for long, as back to school is right around the corner. With school also comes the sinking realization that the freedom they've been enjoying is soon over. Early bedtimes and homework looms. But for parents, there's also a little relief. Though you'll also miss them. We think we summed up all your emotions pretty well, parents and kids, in our back to school infographic.


The 5 Stages of Back to School Emotions

One Last Bite of Summer

It’s amazing how fast a summer can go by, and with all the excitement and rush, going back to school can be a hectic and emotional time. It’s easy for child and parent alike to be nervous about the new school year, so help them hang on to freedom a little longer with our summer collection of chocolate-covered treats!