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11 Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Treats

You can find donuts just about anywhere, and they’re easy to decorate with icing and fondant. The good thing about fondant is that it can be shaped into anything like cute cat ears, whiskers and eyes. 

These love bugs make everyone smile. In order to get the glitter to stick, make sure you dip the marshmallow in water and then roll it all around. The Decorated Cookie has great tips on how to pile the marshmallows on.

Nothing says sweet like a big stick of candy! Gummies work best as they are easier to slide. There is no real trick here, except to balance the colors and textures so that everything stands out nicely. These are especially great to make with kids because they are easy and relatively mess-free.

These pretzel mini bites placed in a cute box or container are a great Valentine’s Day gift idea! Simply stack a pretzel, marshmallow and another pretzel, and dip into your favorite chocolate. Add sprinkles, set it to dry and enjoy!

We love chocolate truffles, and there are so many things you can do with them — like dip them in chocolate and roll them around in glitter sprinkles! If you don’t have marshmallow rice treats around, you can always use a brownie instead!

Get out your cookie cutters! These marshmallow rice treats are the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise for school. Decorate them with icing, sprinkles and candy hearts. We used felt to decorate the top and bottom of arrow but construction paper also works well.

If you are looking for an impressive Valentine’s Day treat idea, these fortune cookies are amazing (and super quick to make!). Simply dip and sprinkle store bought cookies. If you wanted to get really creative, you can attach your own little note to the chocolate.

Somebunny (or piggie) loves you! If you don’t have round stuffed chocolate cookies at home, any round cookie would do — you just need to layer in order to get the same thickness. The key is to have the chocolate fully melted in order to avoid any bumps and allow to dry. Make sure you attach ears while the chocolate is still wet so that they stick.

These little guys are really easy and fun to make. They’ll work well with any candy you have around the house, so get creative! When making bark, pick chocolate chips in your favorite flavor, then melt the chocolate. Spread it on a baking sheet, add toppings and wait for the bark to harden.

Make a bunch of these XO cookies for your co-workers and friends! We loved the idea of melting cinnamon red candy and drizzling on with a spoon — just make sure to do it quickly, otherwise the candy will harden. Be careful not to place them on top of each other until they are fully dry. Need a cute note to go along with your sweets? Download our awesome foodie lover printable cards.

Cake balls are perfect for dipping, rolling and sprinkling. The best way to get the “ice cream melting” effect is to dip the cake in the chocolate and then quickly flip it up so that the chocolate starts to run down the cake ball. Don’t worry if it gets on the cone or if it doesn’t look perfect. After all, ice cream drips and melts, right?

Be my love bug

Pressed for time? We know it’s not possible to see everyone you love, especially if you they are miles away. Luckily, we have the perfect sweet brownie love bugs for everyone on your heart list.

Looking for more Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids? Personalized dolls and stuffed animals are great ways to shows your little one how much you love them.

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