We all love dessert. Sometimes we love it so much we skip the meal and just skip straight to the apple cobbler. We wish we had the magic ability to eat to our heart's desire, but eventually the calories and sugar catch up to us. So what's the better (healthier) choice? Gooey chocolate lava cake, warm bread pudding or classic creme bruleé? Well, we did the math and found out. We analyzed each dessert to calculate the grams of sugar in each. You may be as surprised as we were with some of the results. Check them out below.




How did your favorite desserts rank? Are you as much of a sweet tooth as you thought? For us, the biggest dessert shockers in the chart are the apple pie at 57g, the flan at 70g and we admit that we were pleasantly surprised that we can still have one (or two!) donuts with 10g of sugar and not feel terribly guilty.  Next time you find yourself debating over the banana split or the fruit parfait, just remember that sometimes what we all need is to make life just a little bit sweeter.

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