It’s no secret that moms do a lot for us, even long after we’ve left home. From sending us care packages when we’re in college to taking care of our children when we’re in need of vacation, moms are there for everything. Plus, even if she doesn’t live close, she is always a quick phone call away to answer any question we may have.

To honor our moms and all the times they’ve there for us, we’ve created an infographic sharing all the different things mother knows best. We surveyed 1,500 people, asking them,“what do you ask your mom about the most?”

The resounding answer was cooking, with health and parenting both tying for the second most popular. Work and cleaning were also common topics people called their mom about, but even romance and friendship were found in the mix, reminding us that mom really does have the answer to everything in life.

This infographic is a tribute to all the times mom has picked up the phone and answered our call. Whether it’s learning how to roast a turkey or how to sign a cover letter, moms really do know it all.

With Mother’s Day falling on May 13th this year, you’ve got a full two weeks to plan ahead and treat her to something special. Don’t forget to send a Mother’s Day gift in time! Given all the cooking questions you have for your mom, why not treat her with something sweet in return like dipped strawberries for Mother’s Day? It’s one of the many ways to say “thank you” to your mom for all the times she’s answered your call with the perfect solution.


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