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Printables: Coupons for Dad, All Grown Up

Shari's BerriesMay 27, 2014

Do you remember crafting Dad a homemade Father’s Day gift when you were a kid? The birdhouse you glued together in wood shop class. Or the construction paper coupons you wrote in crayon, good for chores and hugs. Dad loved your handmade, from-the-heart surprises. Remind him of those fond memories and create new ones with our grown-up take on coupons for Dad. We’ve even included a blank coupon so you can fill in your own thoughtful gift because after all these years, you know Dad best.


To create your own printable coupon book:

  • Print the coupon set
  • Cut out individual coupons
  • Assemble the book
  • Add your custom coupons
  • Staple the booklet together with cover on top
  • Present to Dad yourself. Or, let the grandkids join the fun.

Ready to Redeem
The real trick is to make sure you clear your calendar to make room for all that grilling, lawn-mowing and phone programming. And don’t forget to let us know what Dad thought of the gift. Of course we’re also dying to know which five classic rock songs you endured in the car.


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