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How Popular Is Your Birthday?

How Popular is Your Birthday?

September 16 ranks
#1 out of 365 birth dates.

August is the most popular birth month.

The XX is the most popular day.

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Most Popular Birthdays

Birth Date: September 16
Birth Month: August

Least Popular Birthdays

Birth Date: December 25*
Birth Month: February

Your Astrological Sign

Your astrological sign: XXX

The twelfth and last sign in the cycle of the zodiac, Pisces are often described as old souls. They are intuitive, empathetic and imaginative — characteristics that help them excel in the arts or healing professions. Though they may seem shy at first, the Fish are loyal friends who see the best those they love.

Your Birth Month

Your birth month flower: xxx

Your birth month gem: xxx

Your birth month color: xxx

You say it’s their birthday?

Even if they share their birthday date with millions, you can still them feel like it’s all about them with a gift of delicious dipped strawberries, cake pops and more birthday treats.

* Technically, the least popular birth date is February 29 since Leap Year is a rare occurrence.

The ranking data for the birthday popularity engine comes from: The New York Times and Amitabh Chandra, Harvard University and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vital Statistics of the United States, Volume I, Natality.

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