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How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

Posts EditorMarch 28, 2013

natural dye easter eggs

We’re just dying over these naturally dyed Easter eggs. Ha, dying. Get it?

All puns aside, these Easter eggs turned out to be a beautiful and easy alternative to the traditional Easter egg dye kits. We hope you’ll give them a try and add them to your Easter baskets.

What you’ll need

  • 1 dozen hard-boiled eggs
  • Bottle of white vinegar
  • 6 red onions
  • 1 beet
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Tumeric
  • Paprika


Natural dye for easter eggs

Dark red

Peel the skin of 6 red onions and simmer in 3 cups of water for 15 minutes. Strain the mixture and then add 3 teaspoons of white vinegar.


Boil 3 cups water. Peel and cut 1 beet into chunks and drop in boiling water. Take off of heat and stir in 2 tablespoons of vinegar and let cool to room temperature. Remove the beets before placing in eggs.


Combine 1 cup of frozen blueberries in 2 cups of water and let sit until the blueberries thaw. Remove the blueberries before placing in eggs.


Boil 2 cups water and stir in 3 tablespoons turmeric. Take off of heat and add 2 teaspoons white vinegar.


Boil 2 cups water and stir in 2 tablespoons paprika. Take off of heat and add 2 teaspoons white vinegar.

To get the richest colors, we recommend soaking the eggs in the refrigerator overnight.

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