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Most Popular Anniversary Dates & Ideas

Remember your first wedding anniversary? Odds are, you celebrated it with flowers, Champagne, a nice dinner, and countless other romantic gestures. But as the years have passed and your family has grown, your anniversary has taken on less significance, and is no longer treated like the special day it is. But that shouldn’t be the case. It’s time to put the spark back in your anniversary.

Whether it’s your fifth anniversary or your 50th, every year that you and your significant other spend together is worth celebrating. To help you find that aforementioned spark, here is a list of unusual (and actually fun!) anniversary date ideas that won’t leave you and your partner sitting through dinner and a movie for the sixth year in a row.

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Love at first sip!

1. Go back to where you first met

Did you meet at a restaurant? How about a museum or coffee shop? Take a stroll down memory lane by heading back to the place where it all began.

2. Spend the night at a quiet B&B

There’s something about getting away for a night that makes it easy for couples to reconnect.

3. Visit an amusement park

If your anniversary is in the spring or summer, have some fun together riding a roller coaster or Ferris wheel. Or try winning your partner a humongous stuffed animal.

4. Volunteer together

Looking to spread the love on your anniversary? Volunteer at a local homeless shelter or help clean up a park in your neighborhood.

5. Tour a beer garden

Because nothing beats drinking outside and enjoying a giant pretzel on a warm summer day.

6. Laugh it up at a comedy club

Is your go-to movie night movie Airplane, Anchorman, or Superbad? If you’re both fans of comedy, head to a comedy club. Few things bring people closer together than sharing laughter.

anniversary date ideas with couple on a date with coffee mugs
Who needs sugar in their coffee when your life together is this sweet?

7. Go go-karting

Get your adrenaline pumping by spending a day out on the track. It’s a fun way to relive your childhood dream of being a racecar driver.

8. Go on a double date

Do you know a couple who was married around the same time as you? Go out on a double date and swap stories about the day you were married.

9. Get professional photos taken

Are your wedding photos the only professional pictures you have of the two of you? If so, then now is the time to get some updated shots taken. Make them even more personal by incorporating that year’s anniversary flower into some of your shots. And if you both still have (and can still fit into) your suit and dress from why your big day, why not recreate it with this nostalgic wardrobe change.

10. One word: brunch

Brunch is a common Sunday fun-day activity, so make this one special by going somewhere really formal or unique. And where your suit and dress from your wedding!

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