Macaron or macaroon—do you know the difference between these two popular cookie types? Aside from both being delicious and similar in spelling, macarons and macaroons are entirely different cookies. First off, a macaroon is coconut based, whereas a macaron is meringue based. The amount of difficulty in making them are extreme opposites—one will have you stressing in the kitchen for hours while the other can be whipped up in minutes. Macarons range in color and flavors and macaroons are limited in variety. While both are great to take to parties, you wouldn't necessarily take a macaroon to a French soiree. Still not sure what we mean? We break it all down for you in our latest infographic featuring macarons vs. macaroons.


macaron-macaroon (1)

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Fun Facts about Macarons and Macaroons

• The most popular macaron flavors are pistachio, green tea, vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, espresso and raspberry.
• There are approximately 250 calories in a macaron, and about 90 in a coconut macaroon.
• March 20th is National Macaron Day and May 31st is National Macaroon Day.
• The average size of a macaron is 3 inches but also come in a smaller version that is 1.5 inches.
• A macaroon can average up to 1 pound at most cafés in America.


Macaron Guru

So now that you know everything there is to know about macarons and macaroons, you’ll probably spend the next few weeks correcting all your friends and family when they confuse the two. And when they get annoyed with you (which they will), you can just smooth things over by sending them a gift of our delicious classic macarons!