Growing up, one of our favorite sounds was the jingle of the ice cream truck. Especially on a hot summer day. Once the music started, we came running. Now that we're older, we'd feel a little silly chasing an ice cream truck down the street. But ... we still crave all our ice cream truck favorites. Nutty, chocolate dipped ice cream cones ... strawberry shortcake bars ... orange creamsicles ... So we did the adult thing. We reinvented these them with these easy and delicious recipes for summer desserts! So everyone can enjoy a taste of summer any day of the year.


Most tempting ice cream truck treat

What was your favorite ice cream truck treat growing up?

In a survey done last year, the Drumstick® was the most popular treat. Our Drum Dream shake is sure to take you back to those summer days, minus the ice cream dripping down your hand. Go ahead, pile on the whipped cream. We won’t judge.

Better yet, mix and match ingredients and fun toppings to recreate your own version. Make your ordinary fudge bar extraordinary by rolling it in nuts and rainbow sprinkles. Oh and that strawberry cake frozen bar? It can be eaten neatly with a fork while you’re sitting at your work desk.

Of course if you don’t mind the mess, our neapolitan donut ice cream sandwich is the way to go. You can even make some of these recipes dairy free by substituting almond milk, coconut cream and cacao.


Ice cream + cookies

Want to really make someone’s summer? Surprise them with the perfect compliment to their favorite ice cream—dipped cookies! They’re delish as a sundae topping or the ingredients in a homemade ice cream sandwich.