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How to Store Chocolate Covered Strawberries

For one, the dipped strawberries can develop condensation, making them “sweat.” Though this is normal, it doesn’t look nearly as good for serving. In addition to this, many people may want to save their strawberries for later but aren’t sure how to store chocolate covered strawberries so that they maintain their quality.

By following our guide below you can enjoy your chocolate covered strawberries right away or a day or two later.

How to Store Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Once the chocolate on your berries has set and you’re ready to store them, you should place them in an air-tight container with wax paper. If you plan on eating the strawberries the same day or placing them out for an event, you can wait until later to store and refrigerate them.

Step 1: Gather the chocolate dipped strawberries, a roll of wax paper and an air-tight container.

Step 2: Place a sheet of wax paper at the bottom of the container.

Step 3: Add a layer of strawberries on top of the wax paper.

Step 4: Place another sheet of wax paper on top of the strawberries. Continue to add strawberries until you have stored them all.

Keep in mind that when you store your strawberries in the fridge, they will develop condensation when you remove them.

Should you refrigerate chocolate covered strawberries?

Chocolate covered strawberries can be stored in the refrigerator. However, if you plan to serve them at a party or gathering the day you receive them, you’ll want to avoid putting them into the fridge until after the event. Otherwise, condensation will gather on the chocolate and the strawberries will appear to “sweat.”


How to Prevent Condensation

To prevent your chocolate covered strawberries from “sweating” you’ll want to avoid refrigerating them as long as possible. However, because you may want to serve them a days after you receive or make them, should you need to refrigerate them, there are some simple steps you can take to avoid condensation.

Step 1: Place a paper towel at the bottom of the container you’ll be storing your dipped berries in.

Step 2: Sprinkle baking soda on top of the paper towel. This will absorb any extra moisture.

Step 3: Add another sheet of paper towel. Then, place your strawberries on top of the paper towel, within the storage container. This way they will not touch the baking soda, which could potentially change their flavor.

Taking these extra steps is only necessary for making sure the berries look their best. Otherwise, just wrapping them properly in wax paper will suffice for storage.

If strawberries are shipped to you with an ice pack like Shari’s Berries are, remove them from the box an hour before you want to serve them and let them warm to room temperature. You can follow the same steps if needed, or leave them in their original box.


How long do chocolate covered strawberries last?

Because chocolate covered strawberries are made with fresh fruit, you’ll want to enjoy them as soon as possible. Often this means eating them on the day they are made or the next day so that the strawberries are still fresh tasting.

However, using the methods indicated above, you can keep the strawberries for a few more days before they go bad. When refrigerated properly, they should store for up to 48 hours.

Can you freeze chocolate covered strawberries?

Often when gifted chocolate covered strawberries, you cannot finish them all right away. As a result, you may want to freeze your chocolate covered strawberries to save for a later date.

Though freezing is not recommended, should you wish to store your chocolate dipped strawberries in the freezer, you’ll want to eat them frozen, not thawed. This is because when the strawberries start to defrost, they will become mushy as they warm to room temperature.

Should you decide to freeze your strawberries, it is best to avoid letting them sit in the freezer for a prolonged period of time.

Now that you know the best approach to storing your chocolate covered strawberries, you can confidently plan your next party knowing the strawberries you serve will look and taste fresh.

You can even take a step outside of your comfort zone and serve dipped strawberries covered in sprinkles or chocolate chips! Plus, if they’re being served fresh, you can enjoy them right out of a beautiful Shari’s Berries box!

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