Age may just be another number, but nothing brings the party down like someone asking how many candles to put on your cake. But that's only because you're counting in human years. When you calculate in say dog or Venus years, it really puts your age in perspective (in a good way). Try our fun and amazing birthday age calculator and you'll see ...


When were you born?

You are

X years X months X days

That's about...





If you were an animal ...

Celebrate your age in animal years. Young is a relative term for most of our favorite critters, especially the Galapagos Tortoise who lives to the ripe old age of 170.

tortoise years

in tortoise years

elephant years

in elephant years

cat years

in cat years

dog years

in dog years

rabbit years

in rabbit years

mouse years

in mouse years

If you left Earth ...

If your Earth age has you feeling down, start counting your age in Martian years. A year in our solar system is determined by how long it takes a planet to orbit the Sun. So a year can be as short as 88 Earth days (Mercury) or as long as 164.8 Earth years (Neptune).

birthday on Mercury

on Mercury

birthday on Venus

on Venus

birthday on Earth

on Earth

birthday on Mars

on Mars

birthday on Jupiter

on Jupiter

birthday on Saturn

on Saturn

birthday on Uranus

on Uranus

birthday on neptune

on Neptune


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