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DIY Cards: Fun With Halloween Puns

DIY funny Halloween Cards Love you

We love how the eyes follow you wherever you go. Eerie …

This one’s great for all you vampires with human girlfriends, or boyfriends.

DIY Halloween funny Vampire Card

If they’re afraid of spiders, even better. Scare them with this glam glitter critter.

DIY Halloween funny Spider Card

On Halloween, we’re all a little candy corny. We can’t resist.

DIY: Hilarious candy corn Halloween Card

Give this to whoever you’re batty about. Your boyfriend … that handsome barista you’re stalking.

DIY: Hilarious Bat Halloween Card

Perfect for your BFF. Especially if she’s the friendly ghost that haunts your attic. Just like in those scary 80s Disney movies …

DIY: Hilarious Ghost Halloween Card

See, gourds don’t just make great centerpieces. They’re also perfect for punny Halloween cards.

DIY: Hilarious Pumpkin Halloween Card

Show + Spell

Which cards did you make? Did you design your own? Post a pic on instagram and tag it @SharisBerries, #Halloween. We can’t wait to see your monstrous creations! 

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