Remember how Miss Luddy the librarian always read the class stories, and did the best silly animal voices? Or Mr. Avery and his gold stars and "great job" stickers that made you feel so proud? Or Mrs. White, the college professor that inspired you to pursue your dream of studying fashion in Florence (even though you worried you should focus on getting a "real" job)? Okay, maybe they weren't your favorite teachers, but we're sure you have plenty. Or your children do. And you appreciate them, a lot. Thankfully, there's a whole day dedicated to appreciating them, May 5. And Teacher's Appreciation Week, May 4th to 8th. So you've got plenty of opportunities to show your appreciation with an A+ gift. If you need a little extra help, our guide is full of great ideas.

Teacher Apprecation Gift Guide


More A+ Treats for Teacher

Need more delicious ideas for Teacher’s Appreciation Day, or another special celebration? Want to surprise your teacher for their birthday? Congratulate them on the big promotion? Or treat them just because they’re so wonderful? We’re sure these best-selling dipped gifts and presents for Teachers Day will send you (and your kids) to the head of the class. And check out this resource for additional custom gift ideas!”