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55 Food Puns + Printable Cards for Your Sweetie Pie

Bacon 1
Bacon 1

1. Don’t go bacon my heart.

2. Lettuce celebrate!

3. Olive you so much.

4. My heart beets when I think of you.

5. You and me? Let’s taco’ bout it.

6. We are mint to be.

7. Donut ever leave.


8. You will always be my butter half.

9. I love you from my head tomatoes.

10. It was really nice to meat you.

11. You’re just my jam.

12. I’m soy into you!

13. I am your biggest flan.


14. I am not yolking when I say you are the very best.

15. You look absolutely radishing.

16. You always make miso happy.

17. Please brie forever mine.

18. My love is pho real.

19. Honey, let’s date.


20. I did a grape job choosing you.

21. Muffin compares to your love.

22. Baby, lime yours.

23. Udon even know how crazy I am about you.

24. I have bean thinking a lot about you.

25. Here’s my number, so kale me maybe?


26. You’ve got a peas of my heart.

27. Hummus whenever I’m with you.

28. I get melon-coly when I am not with you.

29. Cheese said we wouldn’t last, but we proved her wrong.

30. You are eggs-quisite, darling.

31. We are a matcha made in heaven.


32. I cannoli think of you and no one else.

33. We go really gouda together.

34. Thyme stands still when I am with you.

35. I like you a latte.

36. I am berry excited to spend my life with you.

37. I love you very mochi.


38. You stole a pizza my heart.

39. Our love is kind of a big dill.

40. Salami get this straight: do you love me?

41. I don’t carrot all about others, just you.

42. Being without you is the wurst.

43. We make a beautiful pear.


44. Romaine calm! We’ll be just fine.

45. Ice cream my love for you wherever I go.

46. Nuts about you.

47. Hugs and quiches.

48. There is mushroom in my heart for your love.

49. Thanks for pudding up with me.


50. I dig you a waffle lot.

51. You’re so brew-tiful.

52. Curry home, I miss you.

53.  I yam so thankful for you.

54. You occu-pie every single one of my thoughts.

55. The s’more I know you, the s’more I love you.


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