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Find the Secret Smoochers and Score a Sweet Deal

Score a sweet deal

We’ve hidden our adorable smooching snowmen pops all over our website. Find the smoochers and you’ll get a special discount code to save on your holiday shopping! They look just like this …

snowman brownie pops

You have three chances to play

Chance #1: December 2, 2016

Start looking for the smoochers at 7am PST on December 2. They’ll be hiding for 48 hours!

Chance #2: December 7, 2016

Start searching for the smoochers at 7am PST on December 7. They’ll be hiding for 48 hours!

Chance #3: December 19, 2016

Last chance! Seek out the smoochers starting at 7am PST on December 19. They’ll be hiding for 48 hours!

Wanna hint?

‘Cause you’re our favorite, we’re gonna give you a few hints to help you score this sweet holiday deal. There’s a different hint for each deal, but you’re so smart, we’re sure you’ll figure out the answers faster than you can say “sugar-shimmered snowman pops”!

Chance #1 Hint

They’re hiding in our holiday closet. Where we stash all our delicious Christmas gifts.

Chance #2 Hint

They’re hiding near Santa’s favorite Christmas Eve nosh. The one you put out before you go to bed.

Chance #3 Hint

They’re hiding in a place where they can chill, have a few laughs and get a little cheesy.

dipped strawberries and cherries for Christmas

So fill your Santa cart with all their favorites and some new holiday surprises. Think glitter-sprinkled Christmas strawberries, fudgy snowmen pops, cheesecake Christmas trees, gourmet holiday gift baskets, Belgian chocolate strawberries and more unforgettable treats. That’s our gift to you. Plus, we’re sure they’ll love their gift so much they’ll give you a smooch too, even if they have to blow a kiss from miles away.

Head over to our website to start your search!

More Sweet Holiday Deals

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