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What Are Your State’s Favorite Football Foods?

America’s Favorite Football Foods

A key component of a football party is always food, whether you’re hosting or just attending. In order to figure out which party food is the most popular in each state, we selected 10 of the most common party foods and used Google AdWords to identify most searches by state. The most popular in this category was fried chicken wings followed by sloppy joe’s. To roasted corn: better luck next time.


As fans head over to the stadium to watch their teams compete, the smell of charbroiled burgers, grilled hot dogs and garlic fries beckons. But which stadium foods sell the most? To find out, we asked 3,500 football fans in all 50 states to choose their favorite stadium foods from the following list: burgers, nachos, cheesesteak sandwiches, hot dogs, pulled pork and garlic fries. Hamburgers scored the touchdown, just barely sliding in front of hot dogs.


Because what better way to enjoy a football game than with a cool, refreshing light beer? The most searched for game day beers are Bud Light, Stella Artois and Coors Light. We took it a step further and identified most searches by state through Google AdWords to identify what game goers like to drink. As you can see, Bud Light topped the charts. Perhaps after a few of these, it won’t matter which team wins or loses.


They say it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. In this case, it’s what you eat and drink that may determine who will win. Correlation is based on the NCAA and NFL standings as of December 28, 2015. Our data shows:

• At the stadium, eating burgers rather than hot dogs is associated with teams that win more often.

• Having a hard time deciding what beer to drink? Turns out that whether your team is more likely to win or lose, fans are likely to go for Bud Light.


Sweet Party Snacks

Now that you’ve seen which foods are popular in your state, what will you be serving at your Super Sunday party? Don’t have time to prepare? Order our dipped football and sports ahead of time and serve them up at your Big Game bash.

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