Printable Cards: Our Favorite Fallidays

How to Make a Falliday Card

1. Click the link to our printables here: Falliday Printables

2. Print full size (do not scale to page) on 8.5′ x 11′ Cardstock paper.

3. Cut cards apart along the dotted line and fold in half. Cards fit in A7 (5.25″ x 7.25″) envelopes.

You Rake I'll Jump Printable Card

We thought of all our favorite fall things, and people, when we designed these cards. Like our niece who loves jumping in leaves with her goofy sheepdog (too bad he can’t rake).

You're always my pick and that's not just the cider talking

And grandma, the world’s most amazing Thanksgiving pie baker, and everything delicious maker. Plus our cider-sipping, apple-picking big brother.

I'm thankful you have amazing pie skills

Then there’s our BFF whose always up for getting lost in a corn maze, or a sunset hay ride at the farm.

Hay Girlfriend lets get straw in our hair and live it up

And our pumpkin-lovin’ sister who never says no to a pumpkin latte, pie, ice cream cone … you get the idea.

They brought pumpkin back and you brought the spice

Then there’s our guy, who really knows how to rock a cape and fangs on Halloween (or any day he’s feeling mesmerizing).

you're more mesmerizing than any vampire

Delicious Falliday Gifts

Are you with us? We’re sure you are. And you’re ready to celebrate fall like never before. Good thing our new collection is full of delicious fall treats that your friends and family will love. Chocolate-covered pumpkin cheesecake bites. Leaf-sprinkled berries. Candy bar caramel apples. We’re serving up all their favorites with a dipped twist.

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