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DIY: 4 Ways to Fancy Up Plain Brown Gift Wrap

How to Dress up Plain Brown Wrapping Paper

1. Tie it up

Tie ribbon, raffia, twine, yarn, leftover holiday garlands or any else that inspires you around a gift wrapped in brown paper, or a plain brown box. If you really want to fancy it up, do what the pros do and layer. For example, use both raffia and twine. The more creative you are about what you tie around your gift, the more impressed they’ll be.

gold star tinsel garland wrapped around brown wrapping paper

2. Top it off

Upcycle leftover party favors by taping them to the top of your gifts. Make it even more festive by attaching them with decorative tapes.

balloons and blowout noise makers taped to top of brown paper wrapping

If you’ve got confetti or glitter handy, swipe glue across the paper and sprinkle some on top. Brush off the excess and voila: a fast and fun alternative to the usual ribbon.

Confetti Glued To Plain Brown Wrapping Paper

3. Stick stuff on it

Rainbow cloud and googly eyed mustache face on Plain Brown Wrapping Paper

Dive into your dusty bin of scrap booking supplies and put some of that sticker collection to good use. Add even more detail and personality with colorful tapes, simple paper cut outs or our personal favorite, googly eyes.

4. Write it out

If all else fails grab a sharpie and pen a quick sentiment, or create a custom birthday drawing or pattern.

Sharpie decorating of Plain Brown Wrapping Paper

That’s a Wrap

We can’t wait to see what you do with plain brown wrap and your crafty imagination! So after you’ve wrapped your gift, don’t forget to post a pic to Instagram and tag it @SharisBerries.

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