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DIY: Halloween Treat Boxes

Shari's BerriesSeptember 30, 2014

DIY: Halloween Treat Boxes


Pillow box template

Construction paper, various colors


Scoring tool (or the blunt tip of a mechanical pencil)


Hot glue gun


Googly eyes


Step 1: Cut Along Solid Lines

DIY: Halloween Treat BoxPrint a pillow box template to the size you want your box to be. Overlay template on construction paper and cut out along solid lines.


Step 2: Score Along Dotted Lines

DIY: Halloween Treat Box Keep the template on top of the paper and, using a ruler to keep your lines straight, run the scoring tool (or the blunt end of a mechanical pencil) along the dotted lines on the template. When you’re done, there should be visible indented lines in the construction paper where it will easily fold.


Step 3: Draw Face

DIY: Halloween Treat BoxesChoose the size and position of your googly eyes. Draw in the rest of the monster’s face with the marker and cut two “T” shapes from black paper for the monster’s neck plugs.


Step 4: Glue Eyes

DIY: Halloween Treat BoxesUse a hot glue gun to attach the googly eyes to your monster.


Step 5: Fold and Glue

DIY: Halloween Treat BoxesFold paper in half along the center line and then fold in side tab. Secure with hot glue along tab.


Step 6: Fold and Slice

DIY: Halloween Gift BoxesFold in the bottom of the box along the scored lines. Cut slits on each side of the box and insert the “T” shapes to create the neck plugs. Secure with glue or tape, if needed.


Step 7: Stuff With Brains!

DIY: Halloween Treat BoxesStuff your treat box with Halloween surprises and fill excess space with crinkle paper. Fold in top of box along scored lines.


Mummies, Werewolves, Witches and More

Which box did you make? Did you invent your own? Share all the ghoulish details in the blog comments.




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