Dad's a master of many things, especially corny jokes. So this Father's Day, we're celebrating him with a crafty greeting card ode to his terrible humor. They're adorable and full of cheesy puns, just like Dad. And, of course, they're super easy to make with our printables. But watch out, once he sees his Father's Day card, it will probably inspire him to tell you all his latest jokes.

Funny Father's Day Cards For Dad - Thanks for Being a Fungi

Pun Father's Day Cards For Dad - I Love You, Pop


DIY Cards For Dad - Have a Fan-Stache-Tic Father's Day

Cute Homemade Father's Day Cards For Dad - My Hero

Silly Father's Day Cards For Dad - I Love You Because You're Extra Cheesy

Make Dad’s Card

Create any of the Father’s Day cards above with our printable cut-out templates. Just print, layer together and glue to a blank card (available at paper and craft stores). Use our punny messages or invent your own.

More Father’s Day Treats

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