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Childhood Gifts All Grown Up

Shari's BerriesMay 2, 2013

When we’re kids, doing something special for Mom on Mother’s Day typically resulted in breaking out the crayons and creating a stick figure drawing with the words “I love you Mommy” and a big heart. And she absolutely loved it. But you’re all grown up and while sending your mom a handmade drawing would be quite cute, you’ve got a lot of other options available to you to give her the warm and fuzzies.

So what should you choose to spark that nostalgia for Mom?

We’ve put our gifting guru knowledge to work for you and created this chart showing how to upgrade your childhood gift into a grown-up version that reminds Mom of your younger days. For those with children of their own, think about combining both past and present to create one unforgettable gift.

Childhood Gift

Grown Up Version

Drawing of Mommy Childhood picture of you and Mom in frame
child-drawing-by-d-sharon-pruittPhoto by D Sharon Pruitt
Handmade “I love you Mom” card Handwritten message in purchased blank card
Box of chocolates Box of truffles


Paper flowers Flowers and dipped strawberries
Pancake breakfast in bed Champagne and pancake gift set
champagne-dayPhoto by Jeff Klisares
Doing extra chores so Mom can relax Spa day
Hugs Dipped fancy strawberries and hugs




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