Birthdays. Anniversaries. Weddings. We all know what the main attraction at every party is (besides the awesome person you're celebrating: the cake. And if you really want a showstopper you'll need to do some fun and unique cake decorating. You know, fondant, food coloring, piping ... But what if so far your only cake decorating experience has been candles and those candy flowers you get at the grocery store? No worries! We're here to help, and your guests will wonder where you ordered the cake from.

Our beginner's guide has everything you need to know from tools for making braided borders, to popular decorating tips with buttercream or special icing. Did you know that decorating a cake with cereal makes for a fun kids' birthday cake? What do you do with a cake board and are fondant smoothers really that important? Most designs can be mastered simply by knowing which piping tips to use. We've even included how many servings you can get from different cake sizes to prepare you for your next party.

With all these fun illustrations, you'll be a decorating diva in no time. What kind of cake are you going to try first?



Cake, Reinvented

Can’t be there to host a party? Send the party to them, and surprise them with a new twist on cake. Our delicious dipped cake truffles come in everyone’s favorite cake flavors, like red velvet, chocolate and s’mores. They’re also packaged in a special box with fun hidden messages.