Cake pop envy. Cupcakes suffer from it (those sticks are so slimming), and people too. Envious people who wish someone would give them delicious, dipped cake pops. Cupcakes are so yesterday. Cake pops are much more now and fun. You can't juggle cupcakes (well you could, but it would get pretty messy). Do you think you might suffer from cake pop envy? Or have a friend or family member who does? If you're not sure, check for these warning signs.

8 Signs You Have Cake Pop Envy


The Cure

There’s hope! Cure #cakepopenvy with our delicious new collection. Red velvet, cookie, peanut butter … we have all the most popular flavors. Plus, if you do suffer from cake pop envy, you should know you’re in good company. Check back (and bring tissue) for the tale of the envious cupcake on our blog (it’s a really, really cute video).