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37 Tempting Easter Treats

These 37 Easter recipes celebrate the season by highlighting all the things that make us think of spring: fruity flavors, brightly colored decorations and chocolate. And we didn’t forget presentation. Every dessert, candy and sweet snack on this list looks as good as it tastes.

easter egg cookie pop diy blog

Transform plain sugar cookies into playful Easter cookie pops. Colorful fondant makes decorating sweet and simple.

Source: Catch My Party

Easter Egg Hunt Cookies

easter egg hunt cookies blog

Not sure your piping skills are up to the task of perfect stripes and polka dots? Try these instead! Buttercream grass grows wild on these cookies so they’re easy for beginners to decorate.

Source: Ask Sarah

Easter Egg Bark

chocolate cadbury bark blog

Layers of chocolate hug chopped mini chocolate eggs in this easy-to-make Easter bark. This festive treat makes a wonderful gift, if you can bring yourself to share.

Source: Tutti Dulci

Candied Citrus

candied citrus peels blog

The juicy taste of citrus is lovely in the spring. Preserve it for several months with a batch of candied oranges.

Source: Our Lady of Second Helpings

Jell-O® Easter Egg Cookies

jello easter egg cookies blog

These egg-shaped cookies take on the colors of Easter thanks to a sprinkle of Jell-O® in the batter. Decorate single-color cookies with powdered-sugar frosting or mix various colors for a tie-dye effect.

Source: Red Couch Recipes

Raspberry Confetti Kisses

raspberry confettie kisses blog
thumbnail easter desserts

These melt-in-your-mouth cookies deliver a kiss of raspberry with just a little bit of chewiness. Their pale-pink hue is perfect for Easter; add pastel sprinkles for even more fun.

Source: Easybaked

No-Bake Chocolate Nest Cookies

chocolate nests blog

These no-bake nests can be whipped up quickly; just be sure to leave enough time for the chocolate to set before filling them with jellybean “eggs.”

Source: Chef in Training

Pastel Thumbprint Cookies

easter thumbprint cookies blog

It’s ridiculously easy to make your own custom-colored sprinkles. Don’t they look delicious on these thumbprint cookies? Finish them off with a decadent dollop of marshmallow-buttercream frosting.

Source: Pink Piccadilly Pastries

cookie cup easter baskets blog

Ready-to-bake cookie dough is the secret to simplifying these adorable cookie baskets. After baking, fill with coconut “grass” and small chocolates.

Source: Mom Luck

Simple Stamped Sheep Cookies

lamb stamped easter cookies blog

Chalkboard art is so on-trend right now. Why shouldn’t it also be on cookies? Use a silicon stamp and powdered sugar to create this cute effect.

Source: Hungry Happenings

Easter Egg Fudge

easter egg whoppers fudge blog

This Easter fudge is pretty in pink and twice as sweet. Of course, you can choose any color you want when making this white-chocolate fudge; it’s really the Mini Robin Eggs Whoppers that make it so delightful.

Source: Wine and Glue

Vibrant Easter Egg Sandwich Cookies

easter egg sandwich cookies blog

Starting with a cake mix means that these sugar cookies are incredibly quick to make. Plus, you don’t need to spend much time decorating them since the color is directly in the dough.

Source: Purple Chocolat Home

Easter Egg Marshmallow Treats

easter egg rice krispie treats blog

Everyone loves marshmallow treats. Give these perennial favorites a new look with a coating of colorful candy melts and a flourish of sprinkles.

Source: Generation of Savings

Speckled-Egg Cookies

speckled easter cookies blog

Splatter a few squirts of flood icing onto solid-colored cookies for a decorative dessert that could pass as modern art. Experiment with different color combos, like blue and brown for a classic robin’s egg.

Source: The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

Easter Egg Cakes

easter egg cakes blog

Surprise your guests with an unexpected treat. Use a kitchen syringe to fill empty eggshells with cake batter. These would be lots of fun for an Easter egg hunt—so much better than finding a hard-boiled egg.

Source: The Pescetarian and The Pig

Homemade Creme Eggs

homemade creme eggs blog

These homemade creme eggs offer a chance to experiment with the popular Easter classic. The resulting maple-chocolate treats sound divine, though you might also consider using peppermint for a mint-chocolate variation.

Source: Free Range Cookies

Chick Marshmallow Pops

cute chick marshmallow pops blog

If you’re looking for a dessert that’s cute and quick, marshmallow pops win on both counts. Dip a few marshmallows into a bowl of candy melts, or use dyed coconut for extra panache. After that, the rest is easy.

Source: Farmish Momma

Homemade Gum Drops

homemade gumdrops blog

If you could make delicious, homemade candy in just 15 minutes, would you do it? Here’s your chance! These vibrant sweets are almost as easy as boiling water, and the flavor possibilities are endless.

Source: Tablespoon

Homemade Candy Melts

diy candy melts blog

Candy melts are a popular ingredient for home bakers, but these bite-sized decorations also make yummy treats all on their own. It’s simply a matter of melting white chocolate and adding color.

Source: And Cute

Easter Puppy Chow

easter puppy chow blog

This microwavable recipe proves that you can’t go wrong when you start with a bowl of melted chocolate. Toss and coat the liquid chocolate with dry cereal and Easter candy for a dessert that’s easy to make and can be tailored to your tastes.

Source: Cooking With K

Irish Creme Eggs

cadbury irish creme egg blog

These aren’t your grandma’s Jell-O® molds—unless, of course, your grandma liked cocktails as much as we do. These boozy desserts are spiked with Irish cream and made to resemble that iconic Easter treat: the chocolate creme egg.

Source: The Jell-O® Mold Mistress

Coconut Macaroon Nests

coconut macaroon nests blog

If chocolate is not your thing, these macaroon nests are a pretty alternative. They are just as simple to make, but do require baking.

Source: Sweet Little Details

Sunny Side Up Cakes

easter egg cake blog

Individual cakes topped with lemon curd are a charming way to enjoy eggs this Easter. Save time with a boxed cake mix and you’ll have plenty of energy left over for homemade lemon curd.

Source: That Organic Girl

Lemon-Lime Baby Cakes

lemon lime baby cakes blog

The zesty fresh flavors of lemon and lime capture the feeling of spring. Finished with a generous helping of lemon glaze, these baby cakes are also an attractive addition to your Easter table.

Source: Cafe Zupas

Charlotte Russe With Peeps

peeps charlotte russe recipe blog

Holidays are a good time to serve comfort food. So what better time to try a vintage recipe? This light-hearted charlotte russe adds Peeps® to the traditional custard dessert.

Source: Parsimonia

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

bunny ear cupcakes blog

These whimsical Easter cupcakes are cute and versatile. Send them to school for a springtime party or bring them to an Easter brunch—either way they are sure to be a hit.

Source: Adventures in Savings

Carrot Cake Bars

carrot cake bars blog

Give your carrot cake that little something extra with this indulgent cream cheese frosting. The brown butter makes all the difference.

Source: Cooking Classy

Blueberry-Lemon Mini Bundt Cakes

blueberry bundt cake blog

Many a fabulous dessert begins with a mini Bundt pan, like these blueberry-lemon cakes. Spongy, moist and perfectly shaped, all you need is a light glaze to bring out the natural sweetness of the fruit.

Source: Peanut Butter and Peppers

carrot cake cookie cups blog

These cookie cups have just a hint of carrot cake. In fact, it’s the ideal amount once you add in the carrot cake M&Ms® and cream cheese frosting.

Source: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Strawberry Shortcake Shots

strawberry shortcake shots blog

You don’t have to worry about decorating when you serve up dessert in a shot glass. Layer strawberry, shortcake and whipped cream for a two-bite treat that’s just the right size.

Source: The Busy Bird

Pasteria: Neapolitan Easter Pie

neapolitan easter pie blog

Pasteria is a traditional Italian Easter dessert that blends creamy ricotta, Arborio rice and cinnamon. Serve it with balsamic strawberries for an extra layer of sweetness.

Source: Our Italian Table


traditional semlor blog

The Swedes have their own specialty. Semlor is a rich dessert historically served before Lent, but nowadays it’s often served throughout the Easter season. The sweet rolls are filled with a mixture of cardamom-scented cream and almond paste.

Source: Semiswede

Lemon-Lime Bars

meyer lemon bars blog

Here’s another yellow delight to brighten up your Easter dessert table. These dessert bars use Meyer lemons because of their extra sweetness and lower acidity.

Source: Gastronomer’s Guide

Lemon Cheesecake with Almond Crust

lemon cheesecake slice blog

Cheesecake, so often prized for its uniform consistency, enters new territory when layered. This dessert combines a mild cheesecake with a sweet sour cream topping, and finishes with a tart lemony glaze.

Source: Barefeet in the Kitchen

Hot Cross Buns

hot cross buns blog

Tradition says that sharing a hot cross bun will ensure friendship in the coming year. Bake a batch of these buns and you may earn friends for life! These soft rolls with spices and a sweet glaze beg to be eaten right out of the oven.

Source: Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

Carrot Ice Cream Cake-wich

carrot cake ice cream sandwiches blog

Want a new way to enjoy the traditional flavors of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting? Try these carrot cake cookies with rich cheesecake ice cream. This dessert is the perfect pairing of cake and cream all wrapped up in a handheld treat.

Source: A Tender Crumb

Cereal Treat Easter Eggs

easter egg cereal treats blog

Re-imagine your marshmallow treats by substituting crisped rice cereal for something a little fruity with a lot more rainbow. Molded into egg shapes, this dessert is simple, beautiful and just right for Easter.

Source: In Katrina’s Kitchen

More Ideas for Easter Treats

Will you be making dessert for the holiday? Check out our Easter board on Pinterest for more delicious ideas.

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