Resolutions are being made, goals are brewing. As we welcome the new year, the holiday spirit is still around us: A spirit of giving and generosity. So 'tis the perfect season to embrace that feeling and spread some joy with our 30-day generosity challenge. It's easy! And doesn't have to cost a thing.

Often, generous acts are part of our everyday life in ways we don’t even realize. For example, you may have shared your lunch with a friend who didn’t have time to go out to eat, brought a co-worker a much-needed cup of coffee or spent a Saturday cleaning your closet to find clothes to donate. These little things can make a big difference in someone’s life and, whether it’s intentional or not, brighten their day.

30-Day-Generosity-Holidays-Shari's Berries

Your Treat

Everyone loves to be surprised with an unexpected treat. Especially when it’s dipped, delicious and beautifully packaged like our holiday cake pops and truffles. So what do you think? Feeling generous? Take our 30-day challenge and tell us all about the joy you shared in the comments below!