Father's Day Strawberries

Father’s Day is June 15th – are you prepared with Father’s Day treats for dad? If not, Shari’s Berries is here to help. Why not send Father’s Day gourmet strawberries, or have chocolate chip cookies delivered for Father’s Day? Surprise him on his special day when you send dad strawberries, hand-dipped cherries, and baked goods. The world’s best dad deserves the world’s best Father’s Day strawberries & chocolates!
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Father’s Day Strawberries

Shari’s Berries has gathered our best gourmet gift baskets for your dad all in one place. This year Father’s Day is June 15th, which is fast approaching! Shop in advance to have fruits, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies delivered for Father’s Day. Our Father’s Day strawberries & chocolates have been paired with other favorite flavors and snacks, for a gift that’s worthy of any super-dad. Browse our selection of dipped berries & more to find the perfect combination for your pop!

Most of the gifts in this section begin with our scrumptious hand-dipped strawberries, which have an intoxicating taste that dad won’t soon forget. Treat your father to jumbo berries, picked at the ideal moment to capture their sweet, juicy flavor. Each is hand-dipped in milk, dark, or white confection, and further coated with premium toppings. Crushed almonds, rainbow sprinkles, shredded coconut, confection swizzles, and mini chocolate chips add crunch and flavor to these addictive snacks. Be sure to send strawberries ( send strawberries) from Shari’s Berries; those supermarket kits and generic boxes of chocolate covered berries simply aren’t the same! Send Father’s Day gourmet strawberries by the dozen or half dozen, on their own or alongside other yummy selections.

You can shop for dad cookies & cakes along with his berries; other choices include truffles, brownies, and caramel apples. One popular pairing offers a full dozen dipped strawberries, plus four dipped cookies. The bakery fresh cookies have been partially dipped in confection, giving them two distinct flavors and textures in one. Another gourmet option features a trio of single-serving cheesecakes in three favorite flavors: classic New York, white chocolate, and chocolate rocky road. Boxed chocolates and truffles are a welcome addition to trays of dipped berries, along with our delightful brownie pops. Dad will surely appreciate the ingenuity that inspired round chunks of brownies stuck on lollypop sticks!

A tasty carnival style caramel apple will bring back memories of his childhood with one bite, but our candy apples have a grownup taste that adults will love. The crisp Granny Smith apples offer a tart contrast to the luscious coatings of milk or white confection, and traditional toppings like caramel and crushed nuts add the final touch. Our hand-dipped cherries are just as delectable, but a bit sweeter – and smaller, of course. We want you to get the full impact of each flavor, so we send out at least ten sweet cherries for dad to devour. Other Father’s Day chocolate treats that he has to try include chocolate covered Oreos, coffee infused truffles, and hand-dipped caramel pretzel rods. We doubt your dad would blame you for buying some gourmet treats to keep to yourself!

We have one more handy hint for wowing dad, and it has nothing to do with how Father’s Day is June 15th, 2013. All of these edible indulgences work just as well as presents for other holidays. Our dipped berries and chocolates are amazing as gourmet birthday gifts for him , Christmas gifts for guys, gourmet summer gifts and just because presents to show your love. You might also consider Shari’s Berries the next time you’re shopping for mom; there’s no reason to make her wait until May for her own gourmet gifts!