How Much Chocolate?

How Much Chocolate is Healthy?

In addition to the delicious taste of chocolate, chocolate has been used for centuries to treat health maladies. Chocolate folklore from many cultures shows chocolate was used to increase strength, enhance romance, and induce faith. Certainly, giving chocolate gifts is a popular courtship ritual, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Recent studies indicate exactly how much chocolate is healthy to consume. Eating 6.7 grams of dark chocolate per day has been proven by researchers to be protective against inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

Researchers have also suggested that eating dark chocolate is beneficial in reducing blood pressure, can help with glucose metabolism (a diabetic control), and improves one’s cardiovascular system.

While regular mass consumption of chocolate can lead to unhealthy weight gain, the occasional indulgence in chocolate and truffles is common as a personal reward and as a gift. Since chocolate was introduced in Honduras in 1150 BC, chocolate has exploded worldwide and has become a fixture of the human diet in every culture.