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St. Patrick’s Day Party Games for Kids

Shari's BerriesFebruary 10, 2021


Don’t forget the prizes

Before you play, stock up on dipped St. Patrick’s Day treats to reward the winners and console the losers. The kids (and adults) will thank you later.

Find St. Patrick's Day Games

Put the homemade puzzle pieces together.

Unscramble the St. Patrick's Day related words.

Guess how many candy coins are in the bowl.

Find a series of hidden cards with words that rhyme.

The person who is "it" must guess who the leprechaun is.

Find the gold coins hidden around the house.

Race balloon leprechauns to see who can reach the target.

Find a shamrock in a themed edition of musical chairs.

Try to pin a sticker in the center of Ireland's iconic stone.

Try to land the most coins in the pot.

Move the gold from one end of the rainbow to the other.

Give a bingo board a St. Patrick's Day overhaul.

Let the kids lead their own St. Paddy's Day parade.

An all-ages dance party that freezes when the music stops.

How many famous Irish people, real or fictional, can you name?

Find the winking leprechaun while guests dance an Irish jig.

A variation of the card game Spoons using gold chocolate.

Learn about the sport of Gaelic football with this relay game.

Can you limbo while wearing a leprechaun hat?

Find matching cards in this game of skill.

Follow the clues to find hidden treasure.



Don’t forget to get St. Patrick’s Day gifts to use as prizes for the winners!

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