Lucky! Someone sent you a gift from Shari's Berries! So what did you get? Dipped strawberries? Cheesecake? Cake truffles? It was pretty great right? You know what else would be pretty great ... if you snapped a pic of your gift and won a free gift for someone you love. Like maybe the awesome person who sent you those sweet treats ...

Say Cheese(cake) for Some Sweet Karma

How to Win

It’s as easy as one, two, three! All you need is your cellphone and your delicious Shari’s Berries gift. The rest is simple.

1. Say cheesecake! Snap a pic of your delicious treats.

2. Share it on Instagram and tag @SharisBerries with #ShareTheBerries.

3. If we choose your pic, you’ll win a free gift for someone you love.

Score Some Sweet Karma

We’re pretty sure winning a free gift for your friend, your sister, or whoever you want to treat is excellent for your karma. And if you win, then the lucky person you treat can post a pic for a chance to win a gift for someone else. Of course, even if you don’t win, you can still score some sweet karma. Surprise someone with some dipped strawberries, cake pops, cheesecake, cake truffles, chocolates or another unforgettable treat.


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