Greatest Pics: Mother’s Day Celebrations

Shari's BerriesMay 12, 2015

Vanilla Joy

Kelsey chose to share her treats with some of the best mom friends in her life. She wrote that “these are the girls who get me deep down and help me bring my dreams for my family to life.” We’re happy we could help her celebrate with such good friends and mothers.

Dude Mom

Amanda chose to surprise her “favorite, not-blood-related lady human on the planet,” her “blog mom” Sharon. We were fortunate enough to help Amanda show her appreciation for Sharon’s encouragement, support and friendship.

sharisberries thumb


Dana put her design skills to work to show her Mom the love. She used our berries and chocolates to create a beautiful pre-Mother’s Day spring tablescape.

Sidewalk Ready

Kayley treated her mother, even though she was across the country. It was her way to thank her mom for all her great advice, and being her best friend.

Four Marrs…One Venus

Jen knows Moms are a big deal, so of course she shared treats with her Mom, who luckily, lives close. It was the perfect way to thank her and share a special moment.

I Am Chic on the Cheap

Lydia believes in letting her Mom know how grateful she is for her every day. So she jumped at the opportunity to indulge her this Mother’s Day. Even though her Mom is an amazing baker, she was happy to give her a break and bring the dessert.

The Storibook

Tori tells her “stori” at The Storibook and she used our treats to create an extra-special Mother’s Day dessert table. After the beautiful photos were taken they enjoyed the treats, and each other’s company.

Spot of Tea Designs

We believe there’s no better way to celebrate a mother than surround her with the people she loves. Tara and her Mother shared the day (and our treats) with the whole family.

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