Remember how corny you thought Dad was when you were a kid (and maybe still do)? And how you vowed you'd grow up to be way cooler? Well ... while you may not be sporting a Tom Selleck 'stache, you've probably watched your kid's eyes roll when you cracked your first dad joke. Which got us thinking: sometimes one of the coolest things about dads, is how uncool they seem to their children. We kinda think embarrassing your kids is just another perk of fatherhood. So to celebrate Father’s Day, we decided to go back in time and compare today’s millennial dad to his baby boomer pop in all his cool and corny glory—from his favorite song, to his facial hair.

The Evolution of the Dad

Treat Dad

Clearly, there’s no one like Dad. And Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate him, and any other father figures in your life. Salty. Sweet. Chocolaty. We have all their favorite flavors with dipped Father’s Day gifts that are unforgettable, just like Dad.