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The Perfect Mother’s Day Dessert (with your own spin)

Lily WallaApril 22, 2021

If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day Dessert that you can put your own spin on, you’ve come to the right place. This is a fun DIY Mother’s Day gift, the whole family can make together, without the mess.

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DIY Mother’s Day Gift

I own the go-to food branding business, SPOTS, that specializes in personalizing desserts with any photo, logo or message. So, naturally, I’m a self-proclaimed sweets connoisseur. That said, you can take my word that Shari’s Berries have the best chocolate covered strawberries in the game. They’re so good that I decided to gift them for Mother’s Day, but with my own spin. Using supplies I found in my bakery, I worked with my two-year-old niece to create a personalized treat my sister will love. Plus, I’m pregnant and have been surviving on Shari’s Berries chocolate covered strawberries, so I was able to indulge at the same time! The best part about this activity is that you don’t need to make a mess and dip your own strawberries. You can get right to the fun part and decorate!

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If you are looking to make your Mother’s Day Dessert table extra special, I recommend pairing your decorated Shari’s Berries Chocolate covered strawberries with a dozen of our personalized “World’s Best Mom” Mother’s Day mini cupcakes from SPOTS.


Supplies I recommend (but you can also get creative with things you find in your kitchen):

mothers day berries supplies

Shari’s Berries Chocolate Covered Strawberries

-Toppings  (I used smarties, personalized conversation hearts, sprinkles, and sugar eyeballs)

Glue (You can substitute with honey)

-Images from SPOTS

Food coloring markers (I used them to write on the smarties)

Have fun with this Mother’s Day DIY activity!

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Extra Mother’s Day Fun

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