So many lovely shapes. So many vibrant colors. Fresh fruit isn't just delicious, it's art. Especially when you slice those apples and oranges into stamps. Simple and kid-friendly, fruit stamping is a fun and unique way to create a gift that showcases your personal style.

What You’ll Need:

  • Assorted fruits (it’s best to use varieties with distinct shapes like lemons, apples, pears, etc.)
  • Fabric, textile or acrylic craft paints
  • Paint brush
  • Paper towels
  • Light-colored canvas or fabric totes, aprons, tea towels, bags, pillow cases, etc. (check local craft storesĀ for more things to stamp)

Fruit Stamp DIY | Supplies

How to Stamp:

  1. Cut the fruit in half
  2. Pat dry with paper towel to remove excess juice
  3. Apply even coat of paint with brush (test stamp on paper first to make sure you’re using the right amount of paint; too much will mask seed marks and other details, too little will leave blank spots)
  4. Stamp fruit onto fabric in desired location
  5. If necessary, use paint brush to touch up stamp or neaten edges

Gifting DIY:  Fruit Stamping

Your Stamp of Approval

So what did you think of this DIY? Which fruits did you use? What did you stamp? Let us know in the blog comments.