White Chocolate Strawberries

Want the recipe for happiness? Take quality white chocolate and then add strawberries! Yummy milky white chocolate meets juicy red strawberries with our luxurious collection of white chocolate covered berries. They’re quite simply the last word in romance and deliciousness and they’re available now!
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White Chocolate Strawberries

Lighter, a little sweeter and a hint creamier than regular milk chocolate, white chocolate is every chocoholic’s dream come true! So of course how could we not include a fabulous selection of white chocolate strawberries to our already incredible range of signature strawberries? Introducing the Shari’s Berries assortment of white chocolate dipped strawberries! From classic all-white chocolate berries, to fun decorated berries with swizzles, nuts and sprinkles we’ve got medleys of white chocolate strawberries galore.

Psst! Want the dish on deliciousness? If you’ve got an appetite for wonderful white chocolate you’re going to simply adore our fabulously fresh and fruity line-up of hand-dipped chocolate strawberries. And, because we’ve always got something new and tasty to tempt you here at Shari’s Berries, you’re always sure to find some great seasonal white chocolate picks to relish. So, whether you’re organizing a beautiful birthday surprise, a sweet mid-week pick-me-up for a friend or loved-one, or simply looking for something for an indulgent dessert, we’re here to help!

For a birthday, send a white covered strawberry gift with one of our wonderfully tasty trays of chilled berries. For a baby shower or a new mom, send a fun delivery of our white chocolate varieties of strawberries featuring either pink or blue swizzles. For an engagement party, try a selection of our chic tuxedo-decorated berries. Or, how about this formula for a cool bridal shower party? Strawberries + white chocolate = dessert delicousness! When it comes to wonderful hand-dipped and hand decorated strawberries, you name it we’ve thought of it! And, no matter who’s on your shopping list, we’ve got a mouthwatering pick to suit.

In fact, if you’ve never tried a white hand-dipped strawberry, you’ll want to make sure to try one of our exclusive white chocolate berries. After all, we’ve got chocolate-dipped berries and cherries perfected! Plus of course when you shop Shari’s Berries you can also rest assured your gourmet food gift comes beautifully decorated, perfectly arranged, chilled and all ready to enjoy. It’s why so many people trust us when ordering presents for special celebrations like weddings, anniversaries and engagements!

What’s more, when you get white chocolate-dipped strawberries delivered with Shari’s Berries you can expect nothing but the best. From the easy-to-shop selection on our website, to our stellar customer service we do everything to make your shopping experience, fast, easy and fun. We pride ourselves on the high caliber of our gourmet goods and the freshness of our delicious treats. You’ll love how easy it is to pick out a memorable gourmet gift a loved-one will adore.

Nuts for nuts? Check out our chocolate-covered strawberry selections and you’ll find an entire assortment that is also crusted with yummy almonds. Take a look at them alongside our unbeatable assortments of six or 12 chocolate strawberries decorated with everything from all-out yummy dark chocolate, white chocolate swirls, craveable milk chocolate or even chocolate peanut butter-covered berries that take berry treats to a whole new level of utter deliciousness and decadence. No chocolate berry lover will be able to resist these!

Browse Shari’s Berries and inspiration is sure to follow, no matter whether you’re hunting for a small treat or an extravagant gift. Just take your pick! There’s no small detail we’ve overlooked. And that includes great last-minute gift shopping options and wonderful gift duos that pair our sumptuous white chocolate berries with everything from floral bouquets to dessert treats. But don’t just take our word for it! Log on to Shari’s Berries now and you’ll find great customer product reviews that will help you make your special and sweet choice! Delicious.

Shop our selection of specialty chocolate berries now, we’ve got plenty of fun, romantic and totally inspirational ideas to make your next gourmet gift sumptuously spectacular. We’ve always got an appetite for making someone’s day. It’s why we take so much pride in each and every one of our beautifully decorated and presented gifts. So discover what sets us apart from all other gift stores and visit us today; we’re ready and waiting to take your order.