Thanksgiving Cake Pops

Thanksgiving is centered around giving thanks and eating turkey… so serve turkey cake pops this year! Order now for the perfect desserts for this special November holiday.
Chocolate, Vanilla, & Red Velvet Cake Pops
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Red Velvet, Cookie, & Peanut Butter Cake Pops
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Assorted Cake Truffles
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Chocolate, Vanilla & Red Velvet Cake Truffles
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10 Sweet Cherries & 9 Assorted Cake Truffles
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Thanksgiving Cake Pops

Thanksgiving day, also known by many as turkey day, is an annual holiday in which people of the United States celebrate anything and everything they are thankful for. And since this tradition began whilst being centered around food, it is still celebrated that way today. From golden turkeys, to rich stuffing, fresh cranberries, and warm pumpkin pie, there are so many traditional goodies to look forward to on this November holiday. But there are those hostesses who always like to spice things up and start there own traditions. If you are one of these people or if you just want to try something new, consider starting the tradition of having Thanksgiving cake pops at your desert table. Made with chocolate, brownie like textured cake and dipped in creamy confection, these little treats are decorated to perfection, making them the best way to upgrade your table.

Did you get invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at the last minute and are struggling with what to bring to the dinner party? Trust in Shari’s Berries to get you great treats fast and on time. We offer same day delivery and next day delivery so you can wow your family and friends, no matter how close to the day you bought the soon to be popular desert. With our convenient online ordering system and professional delivery service, you can rest easy knowing your treats will arrive on time. Or maybe you were planning on going somewhere, and your plans changed last minute but you still want to send something to the hostess in place of you being there. These Thanksgiving brownie pops are a great way to say sorry for missing dinner, but have fun and eat up! They’ll appreciate the gesture even though you can’t make it to their house for the festivities.

What better way to eat Thanksgiving cakes on a stick than alongside our customer favorite infamous hand-dipped giant berries? Our swizzled berries are one of a kind treats oozing quality you won’t get anywhere else and are the best way to perfect the centerpiece of treats alongside the cake pops. Imagine the look on all of your loved ones faces when they see the cakes on a stick dressed as cute brown turkeys with large tail feathers and they are sitting happily next to berries. Everyone will run over and gobble them right up! We also pair these pops with our fancy berries, our premium berries and our Thanksgiving berries. You can also order our specialty desserts separately and build your own Shari’s Berries dessert buffet. Consider pairing the cake pops with our dipped cookies, a trio of creamy cheesecakes, or a tasty set of 10 gourmet hand-dipped maraschino cherries. Whatever you pair these little turkeys with, they’re sure to be a smash!

Now we all know that Thanksgiving is mostly about food and giving thanks. But there is one other thing that makes this holiday so special, and that one thing is football of course! What would Thanksgiving be without pigskins and jersey wearing? If you already have your traditional holiday desserts covered, then order some cake pops for those who are watching the football game. Our cute sports cake pops will do the trick when you want something fun and festive. Dressed as baseballs, basketballs, and footballs, the sports lovers will devour these! Pair them with our football berries and you’ll feel like you’ve scored a touchdown in Thanksgiving dessert shopping!

If you’re looking for desserts, but want something more simple and elegant to match your table, then buy some of our more traditional brownie pops. Our Gold and Silver Cake Pops are the perfect way to add a “pop” of color, sparkle and elegance to your table. And our Fancy Chocolate Cake Pops are the best way to treat those who just can’t get enough chocolaty goodness. Dipped in milk, white, and dark confection, these pops are then topped with chopped almonds, chocolate chips, and dark swizzles. We also have our classic swizzle pops, and our autumn chocolate cake pops to choose from. Order lots of 6 or 12 cake pops for your table.

Shari’s Berries has a large selection of cake pop designs that are perfect for your Thanksgiving holiday celebration with your loved ones. From traditional to extremely festive and every design idea in between, we can make all of your turkey day meal ideas a reality. From the perfect colors to the best flavors around you’ll be so happy you ordered with us. And with our easy online ordering system and professional delivery taken place every day, purchasing these desserts online couldn’t be any better. Order your cake pops from Shari’s Berries today to see what all the fuss is about. You’ll be so glad you did.